Monday, June 22, 2009

Send Free SMS Worldwide For Free!

If you have been looking for a free worldwide SMS service, then you'll find the right thing here. My Cool SMS is a free service which allows you to send free SMS worldwide (tested by us and works), hassle free.

When you enter the My Cool SMS website, it automatically knows where you are from and presents you with a form to fill out.

Fill in the above form with the appropriate details.

If you want to send an international SMS, just change the number 1 box to your preferred country. Enter your reciepient's number in the number 2 box and type in your message in the number 3 box. After that click on submit.

Now, the above screen will appear in your browser. You can enter your phone number so as the recipient can know who has sent the SMS.

However, this can be used for fun purpose. Say you wanted your dad to say "I love you" to your mum then you could type in your mum phone number in the reciepient box and your dad's in the sender's box and that's it! It will appear as if your dad has sent the SMS to your mum!

Finally you need to enter the captcha in the box 5 and hit send SMS for your SMS to go. The SMS delivers immediately.

The only downside to this service is that you are limited to only 2 SMS per day. However if you have dynamic IP, you can just disconnect and reconnect to be able to use the service again.

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