Monday, June 22, 2009

Read Paid Magazines (Technology Review, Playboy, PC Magazine, etc) For FREE

Many of you persons probebely know about Magazines like Technology Review, Playboy, PC Magazine, etc. You probabely buy them want to buy them to read. The website which provides all these magazines for free actualy allows you to read them from the famous iphone one. However work-arounds to this handicap has been found and you can now actually read all these magazines for free in your web browser on your PC!

Now to list some of the magazines availble, you will see that there are:

  • US news
  • Playboy
  • Saveur
  • Popular Photography
  • Men's Health
  • PenHouse
  • Car And Driver
  • More!

What's better is that these magazines are updated each time a new release come out. So without any other fuss, let's see how we are going to read these magazines on our PC.

Since Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browser, we're going to base the tutorial on it.

First you need to download the User Agent Switcher plugin for Firefox. After you have completed the download and installed the plugin, open up Firefox.

Follow these steps:

  • Click on Tools>User Agent Switcher>Options>Options
  • A Windows Will Appear. In the left list, click on User Agent, then you will see other information appear on the Window.

  • Now you will see a click button under all the User Agent Lists. Click on Add
  • You will see another window popup with several fields to fill in. Type this in all fields:

Mobile Safari 1.1.3 €" iPhone
  • Hit the Ok button twice to close all opened Windows and to return to Firefox browsing.
  • Now again click on Tools>User Agent Switcher
  • You will see a list of user agents in the menu which will appear. Click on the agent Mobile Safari 1.1.3 €" iPhone.
  • Now open up this URL in your web browser: Zinio Mobile.

Now you can see all the magazines you want to read! However, do not forget to switch your user agent back to default again so that when you browse other website, they display correctly.

If you are using another browser, check out these articles on how to change the user agent in those:

That's it! Tell me what you think of it by leaving a comment.

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