Monday, June 22, 2009

Boost You Website Speed By 500% With 3 Lines Of Code

Many webmasters, including me, want to improve their website loading speed to enhance their visitors' experience. Many of you, who are using a host which do not give you .htaccess to perform gzip compression on your data stream, can now have an effective solution for that.

In fact, recently I've stumbled upon a website script giving you the power to do such as thing. The script which does this great job is called PHP Speedy.

The script does all of the following:

  • Make fewer HTTP requests
  • Add a far-future expires header
  • Gzip your page's components
  • Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML
First you need to download the script. Click here to download! (Only PHP Classes)

Download file with Script And Demo Page.

Then you need to place this piece of PHP code at the start of your page:

Then this one at the botton of the page:

This is it! You're done.

Check out the demo page at Acid-Drop here:
According to Yahoo's YSlow Firefox Plugin, the demo page whcih had a ranking of F(45) improved to a ranking of A(97).

Here is a demo page source code (demo.php):

For webmasters starting out, make sure your template already has the code! If you have a wordpress blog, you might be happy to know that a plugin has been released for it which implements PHPSpeedy on it. Click here to know more. Happy coding!

Please consider linking back to this site. You can find out more at Acid-Drop itself. The comments at acid-play are really useful. Feel free to leave a comment or browse other posts on this website!

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