Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Blend Your Adsense Ads With Your Content Easily

Many webmasters look to blend their Google Adsense Ads togethers with their content, i.e. they want the ads to have same font colour, link colour and background colour as the rest of their website. So if you notice on my website, there are ads. There's one block on the top-right of the site, one ad block on the right above the categories header and one below at the end of each article.

You will notice that the ad colours match my website content perfectly. What I did to make the colours look the same was that I downloaded this free nifty little program called ColorPix.

Using this software, you can hover over your existing links, backgrounds and fonts to see what colour they are.

When you place your mouse pointer over the link you want to know the colour, you will see the hex value (as well as other formats) of that colour appear on the interface of the program. You then just have to press the spacebar to lock the colour on the interface and double-click over the hex value to copy it to the clipboard.

ColorPix also has an inbuilt magnifier so that you can pinpoint the exact colour you want to know. Here's a screenshot of that magnifier:

Then when you're in your Google Adsense account, create a new template and assign your website colours to it and save it. You can then apply this template to future/existing ad blocks you have and they will sublimely merge with your website content.

I hope you like this tiny software (<500KB) and I'm sure it will come in handy for you too.

You can learn more about ColourPix here and download it at this page.

ColorPix is available for Windows And MacOSX.

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