Monday, June 22, 2009

6 Most Useful Firefox Extensions Reviewed

FireFox, being one of the most popular browsers on the web, has attracted the attention of many web surfers over the years since its initial release. Dubbed as being more secure to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and being more flexible, FireFox has seen wide adoption all over the world. It's cross-platform nature also helped its rise to popularity. One of the most interesting and exciting features of FireFox is its extensibility and the availability of a huge number of extensions at Mozilla Addons Website. Today, we're going to review the most useful of those extension - the one which you will really use everyday and not bloat your FireFox installation.

Foxmarks/Xmarks - The Essential Bookmarking Add-On

Foxmarks, soon to be renamed Xmark (if it hasn't been done by now), is one of the best FireFox extensions out there. I'm sure this will save you lot of time and frustration. So what does it do exactly? Foxmarks allows you to backup your passwords and bookmarks to there own servers so that in case your FireFox crashes (which is quite rare), you can recover your data back. it automatically synchronizes all the data between the server and your computer. Additionally, you can access your bookmarks and passwords from another computer if you have an internet connection on it. It's a install and forget (until you need it that is!), extension. This service is free. You need a Foxmarks Account to be able to use this extension.

Lazarus - Form Recovery

Lazarus is another great FireFox addons ever created. This extension allows you to save all your forms you've typed in. It might happen that you've filled a long registration form and hit submit only to see an error occur and when your click the back button in FireFox, you see your form has been rest. This is really frustrating. This is where Lazarus comes in handy and saves the day, If you're not using Lazarus, you don't know what you're missing.

Tab Mix Plus - Advanced Tab Features

Tab Mix Plus enhances FireFox's tabbing capability beyond anything you might every think. The features are endlesss, but let me summrize some of the best features of this wonderful extension. With Tab Mix Plus, you can duplicate tabs, recover closed tabs, set tabs permission, lock tabs, protect tab and much much more. This extension will save you a lot of hassle for sure.

Profile Manager and Synchronizer

If you have several persons using the same FireFox installation, then this extension might interest you. Profile Manager And Synchronizer allows you to create different profiles for different people. It will also allows you to use the same browser to log into, say, different Gmail accounts at the same time. All the user's data (cookies, etc) are stored individually for different profiles. You can even backup and restore your profiles and synchronize two profiles together. This is only some of the amazing features that this extension provides to you. Check it out and see for yourself.

WebMail Notifier - Instant Email Notification

This nice little extension allows you to instantly and automatically check for new email. It has support to check for email on the following email services: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, daum, naver, empas, nate and more. It has a very unobtrusive interface (a small icon in the status bar), where you will be notified of incoming emails. You can set the time interval at which WebMail Notifier will check for new emails. You can also have sound and popup alerts for new emails.

Extended Statusbar - More Informative Statusbar For FireFox

This statusbar extension allows you to have a statusbar similar to Opera's one on Firefox. It shows detailed information about images being loadeed, speed at which webpage is being loaded, time taken to loead, etc. It's a nice extension to have as it can really be informative.

That's it! We've reviwed 6 FireFox extension of our choice, which we think will be extremely useful for you. If you think another extension should make the list, then please drop a comment. We will update the post to include visitor's suggestions.

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