Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting The Offline Installer for Google Chrome - The Easy Way!

Google recently launched their brand new browser - Chrome. Chrome is a fast, stylish and free web browser which has won the hearts of many persons. Google Chrome also has a low memory footprint and an intuitive interface.

However, when it comes to downloading Chrome, many person get frustated because of the online downloading and installing part.

People usually prefer having an offline installer for this. However, we've found a quick solution to this problem.

First you need to go to Filehippo's Google Chrome Page.

Now you need to get the latest build number. It's found on the top rightmost part of the Filehippo page (or Chrome's Wikipedia Page).

Now go to your browser’s address bar, and copy and paste the following text:<Build Number>/chrome_installer.exe
replace the <Build Number> with the build number you found on Filehippo.

So, in this case the download link for the latest version of chrome will be like the following link:
That's it! You have your offline installer!

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