Monday, June 22, 2009

22 Free Smashing Wordpress Themes Reviewed

Finding an appropriate Wordpress themes, be it for your personal blog or for a new commercial project, is becoming a cumbersome and stressing work day by day. The massive amount of themes available online will make any newbie overwhelmed. This is where we step in. We've collected a whole bunch of really top quality Wordpress themes and showcased them here for you to enjoy. While researching for these themes, we were so impressed with the quality of those, that some of them actually made us consider changing our own theme to one of them.  So, here comes the Wordpress themes of our choice:


To Download A Theme, Click On It’s Title And To View A Demo, Click On The Screenshot


SCARLETT Free Wordpress Theme


Zinmag Primus Free Wordpress Theme


Led Leisten Free Wordpress Theme


Online Casino 30 Free Wordpress Theme


Androida Free Wordpress Theme


Children And Toys Free Wordpress Template


Classic Poker Free Wordpress Theme


Comfy Magazine Free Wordpress Theme


Corporate Free Wordpress Theme


Epsilon Free Wordpress Theme


EqoMag Free Wordpress Theme


Gamezine Free Wordpress Theme


Gray Magazine Free Wordpress Theme


Grungezine Free Wordpress Theme


Guzel Pro Free Wordpress Theme



Happy Shopping Free Wordpress Theme


Magazine Pro Free Wordpress Theme


Metro Free Wordpress Theme


Monoblog Free Wordpress Theme


Red Carpet Free Wordpress Theme


Simple Web 2.0 Free Wordpress Theme


ZinMag Tribune Free Wordpress Theme



Finally, please feel free to drop a comment if you appreciate this post!  You can also suggest another Wordpress Theme to be included in our next Wordpress Themes post, which will be user contributed. The next post will be published in a week's time. So, go looking for your favorite Wordpress theme and post them here!


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    however, they are all useful and wonderful. Do all of them are free responsive wordpress themes?

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