Monday, June 22, 2009

Dreamhost Apps - Free Hosting From Dreamhost!

DreamHost, one of the most popular web hosting companies on the internet has created a new service called DreamHost Apps. DreamHost Apps allows you to host any of their proposed apps (Wordpress, Drupal, ZenPhoto, phpbb, etc) for free for ever if you sign up before the service goes out of beta.

You can use/transfer your own domain on the DreamHost Apps account, or choose a subdomain of your choice in the format: or just buy a new domain from DreamHost itself!

Here's a complete list of applications availble for installation on your DreamHost Apps Account:

We've decided to write up a little tutorial to help you create an account. To sign up, you have to pass El Diablo, which basically monitors how many accounts have been created so far. At the time of the writing of this post, the count was already down to 3903. The more time you loose, the less chance you have to get your account for free.

Next up is domain settings. You choose what type of domain you want. A dreamhoster subdomain, a new domain or your old domain.

Then you have to choose which apps you want to install on your account. To remove an app, you just have to click the red cross besides its picture. To install an app on the root of your domain, you need to clear the box for subdomain and type www. there.

Then DreamHost allows you to choose if you want to have additional features like FTP, SSH, etc for a fee. You choose if you want it, however, if you're here for free hosting, just proceed to the next step.

You now have to enter your details in the following form and you will get notifications of all the apps which have been installed onto your account.

DreamHost Apps will now show you how much you owe them, depending on the options you choose on step 4. If you did not choose to buy additional features, you should have a screen like the one below, which shows that you need to pay $0.

DreamHost Apps will now welcome you to your new account with a nice screen...

Finally you can manage everything about your DreamHost Apps account in your Control Panel, which looks like this:

You now have a free DreamHost Apps account, loaded with apps you have choosen, ready to go. If you like this post, share it among your friends clicking the Share This link below.

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