Thursday, July 23, 2009

Web Design Resource Roundup #4

This is the another installment of Web Design Resource Roundup #4.  I’ll give you a list of many freebies which have been released during the past week.  If you want to know about the latest Freebies, make sure you subscribe to the RSS Feed or simply follow me on Twitter.

Volkswagen Beatle Car Vectors

Cute Vector Badges

10 Free High Res Coffee Stains Textures

Stabilo Marker Icons

Paperbag Icons

10 Sets of Buttons

Free RipeType Fonts

Tabbed Social Media Icon Set 50+ Icons

Bumpbox - With Support For Images, Html Files, FLV Videos, SWF Files And PDF's - A Lightbox Alternative

Free Flash Photo Gallery

Business Card Template-1

Vector Splats Pack 1

Vector Splats Pack 2

Teodoria Vector Font

Decorative Seasonal RSS Icon Pack

Tribal Vector Set


Free Desktop Wallpaper: Smoke On The Water


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