Friday, July 24, 2009

Mixx Launches TweetMixx – Gathers Hot Links From Twitter!

Mixx has recently launches a new service called TweetMixx which works as a mix of Mixx and Twitter.  TweetMixx algorithm work by looking for links in tweets and see which one appears for a longer time on Twitter, then ranking them higher.  If you login using your Twitter account details, you get customized listings from the people you follow.  One of the advantages of TweetMixx is that you don’t get to see links, but instead see the title of the articles the link points to, making it more readable.  TweetMixx also has a column which lists out hot links on Mixx if you are interested and also allows you to tweet from its web interface.

Another very good feature of TweetMixx is that it provides a much better search than Twitter’s default search.  Instead of just searching through the Tweet text, TweetMixx also goes through the links title and thus gives more relevant results to users.

TweetMixx is in private beta, however, TechCrunch are also giving away free invites (1000 in all), for you to grab.  Just enter  techcrunch as username and tweetmixx_beta as password and you will gain access to the service if all the invites are not gone.

TweetMixx looks very promising as a new startup and I for one am looking forward to it.


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