Monday, July 13, 2009

Try Google Android Right On Your PC

If you’ve always wanted to try Google Android, without having to incur the costs of buying a T-Mobile G1, then you’re in luck.  Some people (gzqqa1, wanghongyang, liveandroid) have come up with a project called Live Android which allows you to run Android on your PC, on your desktop.

So what do you do?  Head here to download the Live Android package.  You can download from torrent, direct download or Rapidshare.  Download the ISO image and use a cd/dvd burning software and burn it.  Restart your computer, boot the cd/dvd, and enjoy Android.

Additionally, you can run the app through a virtualization application like VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC.

You can check out all the project details and information at: Google Code Live Android Website.

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