Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 Reasons You Should Be Using A Blogging Client

If you’re blogging from your default online blog editor, then it might be time to consider changing to a desktop blogging client.  A desktop blogging tool has numerous advantages over an online blogging tool.  In this article, I will attempt to  enumerate the different advantages of using a desktop blogging tool over an online blogging editor.

Manage Multiple Blogs From Multiple Platforms

Using a blogging client like Windows Live Writer allows you to blog to multiple platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad simultaneously.  You can easily works on each blog, from the same interface without needing to log into each account, navigate through each dashboard and load each online editor.

Native Application Stability & Speed

Compared to online editors, desktop blogging clients are much more responsive and stable.  Usually online blog editors are built using javascript, which is comparatively slow compared to desktop applications.   Desktop Blogging Clients also have the launch speed advantage over the browser based ones.  We have really fast browsers these days in Chrome and Firefox, however nothing can beat the launch speed of a dedicated desktop blogging client.  A fast launching blogging client might come in very handy when you have to blog a scoop before anybody else, where speed blogging matters.


OK, I agree that most blogging software worth their salt have a  WYSIWYG editor included these days.  However, desktop blogging clients have the ability to do Rich Text Formatting and some other goodies that online editors are not yet capable to perform.  This means that including graphs, videos, tables, etc is easy and painless.  Some desktop blogging clients even provide image editing capabilities right through the editing interface and more.

Save Backups Locally (and Drafts Too!)

Blogging platforms like Wordpress and Blogger now provides the auto save feature in their editor.  Howver, it usually  takes some time to save the post, especialyy if ithe post is long and your internet connection is a bit slow.  This usually breaks your though flow and creates writer's block.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are way more similar to the Operating system’s in desktop blogging clients than online editors.  Online editors use unordodox shortcuts which makes it difficult to remember them.  This counters productivity and slows down the whole process of blogging.

Easy Media Management

most desktop blogging clients allows you to easily publish yuor media files to your server thorugh FTP.  It is very handy, you just need to configuree your FTP settings and the blogging client does the rest and uploads your images, videos and files to the server quickly and easily.

Image Editing Capabilities

These day, desktop blogging clienrs are coming bundled with an integrated image editor, which allows yuor to edit images, resize them, add captions only the fly from your editing dashboard itself.


This I think is a bit outdated, but still, you can have better and faster spellechecking capabilities through a  desktop blogging client than an online editor.  Usually the online editor’s spellcheckor has to load the database of words, compare and deeply, which is sometimes slow.  The spellchecking database mgiht also not be as vast as that of the desktop blogging editor.

Larger Workspace

Using an online blogging editor usually confines you to a small textbox (Wordpress users can go fullscreen though), and it becomes a bit of a problem if you are writing long post, because you have to scroll up an down intermittently.

Better Web Integration

The desktop clients usually integrates better with web services like Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube, etc.


I hope these reasons makes you choose a desktop blogging client with peace of mind.  Coming up next is a post, in which will review the best desktop blogging clients.

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