Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Free Word Processors

These are standalone word processors which don't integrate themselves with other software, like those found in an office package.

AbiWord - Free Word Processor

One of the best alternatives to Microsoft Word. Truly a remarkable software. Matches Microsoft Word in every way and additionally runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, QNX and BeOS. Recommended!

Jarte - Free Word Processor

Original design, and a good word processor for Windows with many features included for its small size. Recommended if you urgently need a word processor.

iWord Processor - Free Word Processor

Cross-platform word processor without bloating features of other packages. Support different languages and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

RoughDraft - Free Word Processor

A tool for all the regular users and writers alike. Regular features like spell check is present and also has the capacity to open Word (.doc) files and can open 100 of them at once.

Yeah Write - Free Word Processor

One of those nifty word processor which are easy to use. Has won several awards and runs on Microsoft Windows. Small size.

Copywriter - Free Word Processor

Yet another editor.

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