Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Of Free Web Browsers

What are web browsers? These are software which enables you to surf on the Internet. They display the webpages for you to read. Different web browsers have different limitations to what they can display. Most of the software listed below are advanced web browsers and can display all the stuffs from the net. The one web browser which I personally recommend is Mozilla Firefox. Anyway, you can check out the others right here. If you want more information. Check out

Avant Browser

Free web browser which runs on windows. It has all the major browser innovations and additionally it can run from a USB disk.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the new free web browser from Internet Search Engine giant Google. Google Chrome boasts simplistic design with ease of use, aiming to make web browsing faster, safer simpler. It user interface is really easy to grasp. Definitely going to be a popular browser along with Firefox. Works on Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later and Windows Vista and future support for MAC and Linux is in progress.

Netscape - Free Web Browser

It is a complete Internet access software, which integrates the likes of web browser, email client, newsgroup reader and also a webpage editor, which enables you to create your webpages or edit existing ones.

K-Meleon - Free Web Browser

An open-source project, which aims to be a lighter alternative to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Maxthon Browser

Yet another free web browser for Windows.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - Free Web Browser

Who does not know this thing? Comes with Microsoft Windows and is typically less secure than other web browsers because it integrates with Windows and enables execution of ActiveX.

Mozilla Firefox - Free Web Browser

Probably the best web browser in the websphere with loads of functions, can be expanded via plugins and can have different looks. This stuff is reliable and works without any problem on many Operating Systems. Recommended!

Opera - Free Web Browser

In the same league as Firefox. Ones of the best FREE web browsers available out there. Used it once. Runs great.

Safari - Free Web Browser

A great browser for MAC and PC from parent company Apple.

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