Monday, June 22, 2009

iBackup - Free Windows Backup Software

Here we are - again releasing a free software for your users. This software allows you to backup your Windows critical files and folder along with its drivers. iBackup has a simple, intuitive interface which will allow you to backup your files really easily, with an option of compressing the files with 7zip, to reduce it size. Part Of 7zip program is re-distributed with the setup, so you do not need to have it (However, I recommend everybody to adopt 7zip as their archiving tool!). . Here's a list of files which it will backup:

  • My Documents Folder
  • Shared Documents Folder
  • Users IE Favorites
  • Desktop
  • Ms Outlook
  • Ms Outlook Express
  • Flashget Download Manager Settings & Database
  • Firefox Profile
  • Complete Registry Backup
  • All Device Drivers (DriverGrabber)
  • Windows Licenses (Serializer)
It will use 7zip to compress your data, if you specify compress in the options.

Here's a screenshot of the program:

You can download the program here:

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