Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Rapidshare Queuer/Downloader For Free Users

Rapidshare Queuer is a very useful tool which allows its users to download multiple files, one after the other from popular file hosting service called Rapidshare.

Features Of Rapidshare Queuer

  • File Overwrite Option
  • Shutdown Computer When Done
  • Progress Window Of Downloads When Minimized
  • Monitoring Of Clipboard For Links
  • Check For Proxy From Internet Explorer
  • Change IP inbetween downloads (for Dynamic IPs only)
  • Error Reporting For Bad Links
  • Downloads To "Download" folder in same directory as executable
  • Portable - use on any computer without installation
  • Auto Update Feature

Getting Started Guide

  • To download a group of files, click on the button next to "Open LinkList". A notepad file will open up.
  • Paste each file link on a new line
  • Save the notepad file by clicking on "File" >> "Save"
  • Click On Start Button on bottom-right of application to start downloads.


Hover over each button to get hints on what they do.

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