Monday, June 29, 2009

4 Incredibly Useful Mobile Apps For Accessing Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is know to be one of the best analytics package that one can get for a website.  However, if you, like many others, want to access your GA data on the move, you might be interested in these nifty apps which allows you to get to your GA account from either an iPhone or an Android Mobile.

Analytics App – Google Analytics Mobile Client

Analytics App is an iPhone app which allows you to easily access your Google Analytics account on the move.  Analytics App allows you to access multiple accounts and multiple websites.  You get in-depth reports of your website stats.

Google Analytics For iPhone - Google Analytics Mobile Client

This is another great iPhone application which allows you to access multiple Google Analytics accounts, switching in-between themselves with ease.  The stats are visually represented as diagrams.

Ego – Google Analytics Mobile Client

Ego is an iPhone app which not only gives you access to Google Analytics stats, but with this application, you can even access your Feedburner stats, Mint stats, Squarespace stats and Twitter stats.  Ego app frees you from the hassle of logging in and out of multiple accounts to check your website stats.  With Ego, you get all the information you need in one place.

Google Analytics for Android – Google Analytics Mobile Client

Google Analytics for Android allows you to easily access all your Google Analytics data from an Android phone.  With Google Analytics for Android, your data is secure as not third-party servers are used to store your credentials since the app uses the Google Analytics API to get the data.  With Google Analytics for Android you have fast access to all your reports quickly and easily.
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