Monday, June 22, 2009

45+ Excellent Website Analytics/Monitoring/Counter Services

When setting up a new website, one of the key things to implement on your website is the inclusion of an analytics package to monitor and track your visitors. That's an important step in knowing how to improve your website, get more visitors and if you're earning money through it - how to maximize your revenue.

Google Analytics - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Google Analytics is one of the best free analytics package available. It has features like advanced segmentation, motion charts, custom reports, very fast implementation, keyword and campaign comparison, custom dashboards, internal site search, site overlay and more. Google Analytics is very reliable and is a very complex application which will fulfill most of your web analytics needs.

Reinvigorate - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Reinvigorate was in beta registration mode at the time of writing of this article. Reinvigorate allows you to monitor what's happening on your website and to it in real time thought their desktop client or their web-based interface. It is mainly to be used to monitor what users are doing on your website so that you can follow the trends of clicks, etc.

Pwik - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Pwik is an open source web analytics package which you need to upload to your own server to monitor your website. It provides in-depth stats, reports for your website. The aim, as quoted from its website, is to become and open source alternative to Google Analytics.

Woopra - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Woopra is a free website analytics service, which allows you to monitor your website and get reports/stats on it. Woopra, at the time of writing was still in beta mode. Woopra offers a desktop client, which is full featured, and a limited web-based interface. Woopra has many feature which are unique and very appealing to webmaster willing to monitor and track their websites. Among its key features are live tracking, real-time analytics, multiple website management and more interestingly, click to chat. The click to chat option allows you to chat with an individual user on your website. It is a very useful feature if you want to provide help or any other assistance to the visitor.

Pagealizer - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Pagealizer is another excellent web analytic package. You have a free version of the package and a premium version of it. Pagealizer not only allows you monitor your website, but also suggests how you can improve it.

Yahoo! Web Analytics - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Yahoo! Web Analytics, formerly know as IndexTools, is a similar package as Google Analytics. It provides nearly the same features. The only difference is that Yahoo! Web Analytics has real-time stats available, whereas Google Analytics doesn't until now.

Mochibot Flash Tracking Service - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Mochibot is a an innovative web analytics solution, which allows you to track your flash content. You just need to copy and paste a few lines of ActionScript into your flv files and you're done. It will automatically track your content.

BLVD Status - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

BLVD Status is a new service which allows you to monitor your live traffic easily. It is very easy to setup, and you get a live dashboard and in depth reports. The user interface of BLVD Status is also very good and easy on the eyes.

Goingup! - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Goingup! is another relatively new web analytic service which provides very original features. It gives you a personalized dashboard, in depth reports about your visitors and SEO tips on how to improve your website rankings. The only thing that is on the negative site is that the tracking code is in the form of a bdge. This means that if you are looking for an invisible counter, you're going to be dissapointed with Goingup!

Grape - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Grape is an open source downloadable web analytics package, which allows you to monitor your website. It can display live stats and more for a website. You can also add extension as an admin.

AWStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

AWStats works as a CGI program or on commandline, with which can track your website and generate advanced reports for it. It has a vast number of features you'd expect from any other web analytics package and more.

JAWStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

JAWStats works in conjunction with AWStats (above) to track your websites. It is very easy to install, has a nice look and feel, skinnable with web 2.0 look and is multilingual.

HiStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

HiStats provides you with real-time reports of your visitors. You can use badge as a counter or use thier less intrusive invisible counter. HiStats provides indepth analytics for all your pages and visitors.

TraceWatch - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

TraceWatch is another web analytics tool, which allows you to track your website. It provides a PHP tracking code or a javascript one. You can access your stats through thier web-based panel. It provides real-time stats for your website and other very useful reports for it.

CrawlTrack - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

CrawlTrack is a complete web tracking and monitoring solution. It not only allows you to track visits to your website, but also provides SEO analysis, download counter, anti-hacking scripts, server load usage and more.

RobotReplay - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

RobotReplay allows you to record every mouse movement of a specific user and view them later. You can see how your users are interacting with your website. You have an online dashboard where you can actually see those recorded mouse movements.

Mon.itor.Us - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Mon.itor.Us is primarily a website uptime monitor, but you also get some web analytics reports from it. You can see live traffic reports and other kind of data from its dashbord.

Open Web Analytics - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

OWA is a downloadable package, which you will need to host on your own server so that you can track you website.

who' - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

who' provides a counter type web analytics solution. It has a free version and a premium version of the service. who' provides you with real-time stats for your website.

StatCounter - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

StatCounter is a real-time visitor tracking service. It places no ads on your website and is very easy to install.

eWebCounter - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

eWebCounter provides you with a choice of an invisible web counter or a graphic button type counter. You have real-time stats and reports for your website. You can also get the report emailed to you.

ShinyStat - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

ShinyStat provides a free version and a paid version of thier service. The free version has a limit of tracking up to 1000 pageviews per day. You can have detailed reports on your visitors and real-time information about your users.

FireStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

FireStats is a free web analytics service which provides real-time information about your website to you. It allows multiple users to access account, and you can assign permissions to them. The user interface is multilingual and done in AJAX, so it updates on the fly. It also has Wordpress specific features like RSS tracking, adding blog stats to footer, etc.

BBClone - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

BBClone is a PHP based web counter which allows you track your visitors. You need to download it and host it on your own server to be able to monitor your website. It is also available in several languages.

SlimStat - - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

SlimStat is an offshoot of ShortStat. SlimStats has the regular features of other web analytics packages. It also has bot tracking, spam filtering features, etc.

Blog Tracker - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

This product provides an invisible tracker to track visitors to your website. It does not place any ads on your website and is completely free.

Stat24 - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Stat24 provides visitor tracking in real-time. There are numerous free counters to choose from. The interface is really good and moreover the product is completely free.

GoStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

GoStats provides two version of thier service: free and premium. You get real-time monitoring of your vsitors, detailed reports, etc.

Active Meter - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Active Meter provides visible and invisible trackers. You can track multiple websites from a single account. Active Meter is very easy to setup and is free.

Site Meter - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Site Meter provides a free and premium version of their service. You can choose from a variety of web counters to place on your website. Site Meter provides you with detailed reports on your visitors and real-time statistics.

W3Counter - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

W3Counter provides real-time analytics and visible/invisible counter for your website. Visitors on your website are displayed on a live map. W3Counter provides an option to share your stats with others. With the PRO version, you can even use their API to display stats on your own web page. Another interesting option of W3Counter is that you can remove any branding of W3Counter from the website. It is deal for web designers, SEO/SEM firms and website networks that want their own, private instance of W3Counter.

RiteCounter - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

With RiteCounter you get live reports about your visitors. You also do not have to place banners on your website, the tracking code is invisible. You can also get a copy of weekly stats by email.

iWebTrack - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

iWebTrack provides you with a service which gives detailed reports of your site's visitors. iWebTrack can also send you an email or an SMS when your website goes down or when trends changes on it. There is also a reseller program available, which allows you to provide the same iWebTrack service under your own name.

OneStat - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

OneStat provides you with real-time web analytics for your website. You can track unlimited number of pages. You also have the option of receiving the reports about your website by email.

SmarterStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

SmarterStats is a downloadable web analytics package which allows you to monitor your visitors. You get detailed reports about all their activities on your dashboard. You need to install SmarterStatson your own web server for it to run.

FreeStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

FreeStats provides you with reports about your visitors. It is free and you get your own personalized dashboard for you.

AddFreeStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

With AddFreeStats you can choose a visible counter or an invisible one. AddFreeStats can track exit link and Google Adsense links for your website. The dashboard is very intuitive and can be accessed on a mobile phone.

GoldStats - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

GoldStats provides you with details reports on your users. It is completely free.

Stat08 - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

This is another free website analytics service. It allows you to track your visitors and get detailed reports on them. They also run a website uptime monitoring service.

SiteTracker - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

SiteTracker tracks the visitors to your website and provides you with indepth reports on them.

Paid Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tools

The services listed below are not free. You need to pay to use them. We've decided to review them too because some of them offer really unique features.

Crazy Egg - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Crazy Egg provides really innovative web analytics services. It has features like Heatmap, Confetti, Site Overlay, sharing of reports, blocking of own clicks, RSS and email notification, live traffic monitoring. Crazy Egg pricing starts at $19 and can go up to $99 per month for Pro account.

103bees - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

103bees is a web analytic service focused on tracking your search engine traffic and suggesting ways to improve it. You can thus rank better in search engines. For less than 100000 visits per month, you pay $1.50 per month and for more than 100000 visits per month, you pay $9 per month. You get a trial period before you choose to pay for the service.

ClickTale - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

ClickTale monitors all your visitor's browser behavior. It records the movement of the mouse so that you can view them later. It also provides features like form analytics, live traffic reports, link analysis and more. ClickTale provides a minimalist free version, however the full power of ClickTale can only be harnessed through the full versions. Pricing starts at $99 and can go upto $790 per month.

Logdy - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Logdy is a web-based analytics package which provides real-time analytics for your website. You get detailed stats about each recent visitors, advanced search engine reports, tracking of outbound links, sharing of stats with outher persons, and more. There is a free version for low traffic website. Pricing starts at $12 and can go up to $55 per month.

Mint - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

Mint is an extensible self-hosted analytics package which you can use to track your visitors, and have detailed reports on your website. Mint is very easy to install and has numerous features. Price starts at $30 per site.

nextSTAT - Web Analytic/Tracking/Monitoring Tool

nextSTAT provides detailed reports for your website. You can live vistors reports, and more data about your website using nextSTAT. nextSTAT provides a free trial, and the prices for full license starts at $14.95 per site per month.

If you've got any other service you'd like to add to the list, feel free to drop a comment!

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  1. I have used Hit counters on many of my sites and blogs and it offers comprehensive and real time tracking.

  2. I'd recommend: JoomlaWatch - (it's free and available for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and as a standalone PHP installation without any CMS)

    Matej Koval

  3. Great list of alternatives.I think you should remove Yahoo web analytics because Yahoo will discontinue its web analytics from 31 Oct.But external YWA support will remain for Yahoo! Store customers and those using the Audience Definition feature.I think one should use some reliable web analytics and try free version first and if you understand its report properly then only switch to paid version otherwise go for another.I think the value of the analytics comes from the action you take on that data.So analyzing the data properly is more important.I think PHP page counters also give you ample information on what order the visitors are accessing pages and what they prefer.

  4. It is important to understand, that there are various types of uptime guarantees used by hosting companies. These guarantees very often assume the partial uptime figures. Monitor website is really important.