Friday, January 22, 2010

8 Wonderful Tag Cloud Generators

Yesterday, the WordPress Foundation website was launched.  While visiting the website, I was amazed at its simple and nice looking header image. 

Matt Mullenweg kindly wrote a note in the sidebar that the header was generated with Wordle, a tag cloud generator.  This shows that how with a little creativity, you can use common tools to create awesome graphics to pimp up your website.
So I decide to do a little research and came up with several wonderful tag cloud generator, which you can use to generate those nice images, which I’m sure will fit well in many project of yours.

Wordle – Tag Cloud Generator

TagCrowd – Tag Cloud Generator

WordSift – Tag Cloud Generator

makecloud – Tag Cloud Generator

TextTagCloud – Tag Cloud Generator

ToCloud – Tag Cloud Generator

Got anything to add to this list or anything to say?  Feel free to drop a comment below!


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  2. I wanna add to the list. I heard that it's used by Toronto website designers. I used it once in a project for my web design class, and I earned a high grade. The site's interface is simple, the generator's easy to use, and the result is shown on the same page.

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