Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 Tools To Help You Secure Your Next Big Brand Name

In earlier days of Internet, domain names were widely available and username were easy to find.  Nowadays, if you are creating a new Gmail account, you might pull out your hair the number of time you might see “Sorry, username is not available”.  Now, if you are launching a new product, website or whatever, and you want your branding to be as powerful as it can be by having the right name available for you on all social and other platforms , you  might want to check out these tools which will help you secure your next big brand name.


Friends Call Me – Brand/Username Checker

Friends Call Me is easily the best tool among the ones I’m going to review in this post.  With Friends Call Me, you just need to enter the name you want as brand name or username and it will instantly check it for availability on over 100s of websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and more.  Additionally, you can let Friends Call Me can notify you of new great sites which have come online so that you can register your username there before anyone else does.


Knowem? – Brand/Username Checker

Knowem is another very good tool to check for usernames and let you register it.  It currently check for the availability of your username on over 120 popular social media sites.



Usernamecheck.com – Brand/Username Checker

Usernamecheck.com is similar to Knowem (reviewed above) in both design and functionality.  It allows you to check for your username on various social media sites.


Usernamez – Brand/Username Checker

Usernamez is another tool for checking out the availability of a specific username on several website services like Twitter, Digg, Reddit and more.


ManagePRonline – Brand/Username Checker

ManagePRonline is a great tool for finding out if your username or vanity url is already taken on several social websites.  It is an Indian company, thus focusing more on social site popular in India.


namechk – Brand/Username Checker

namechk is allows you to check for your username, brand name or vanity url on various social media sites (upto 130 sites) easily.  You just provide the username and it will show the availability of the username on the various sites and additionally sort the website according to their rank.


DialUsername – Brand/Username Checker

DialUsername allows you to check the availability of your username over several sites all at once, similar to the others.

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