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21 Effective Feedback Tools - Now You Can Get More and Better Feedback With Less Effort!

When a website or another project is being designed, you need to take into account the audience for which you are designing for.  Usually, the designer has got general ideal of how the end product will be.  However, he is most likely to miss out of some ideas, which simply won’t come to his mind. 
Now, even if the designer manages to think of everything he wanted his product/website to have as features, users of his work will always find something to suggest and improve in it.  Users usually have encountered better features on other websites, which might be applicable to your website.

Thus providing an effective method of gathering those ideas and opinions is a vital step towards improving a website and providing better service.  This post aims at providing you with the necessary tools to assist you in getting more and better feedback with less effort, hence satisfying your users while making them feel important to you.

Get Satisfaction – Feedback Tool

Get Satisfaction is one of the most popular feedback gathering tools available on the web.  It allows you to place a floating feedback tab on your website to easily get feedback from your visitors when clicked.  It is very easy to place the tab on your website and you can customize it your own way.  Free and premium packages are available.

Uservoice – Feedback Tool

Uservoice is another very exciting feedback tool, similar to Get Satisfaction (above), which allows you to place a tab on your website to gather feedback from your visitors.  Uservoice has both free and paid plans.  The free plan enables you to have 100 voters monthly and one forum for discussion.

Skribit – Feedback Tool

Skribit provides a widget to place on your website to allows users to suggests ideas for the website.  It is easy to integrate and above all free.  You can then gather feedback from the community about your website, get people to suggest post ideas and more.

Kampyle – Feedback Tool

Kampyle is another feedback tool which is very good in functionality.  Instead of proposing the customary feedback tab like other services, Kampyle provides a small triangular floating badge which stays at the bottom right of your website.  Clicking it makes a popup appear which allows you to provide feedback to the web designer.  Its design is very intuitive and Kampyle provides both free and paid versions of the service.  With the free version, you can have 1 feedback form and 50 feedback items per month.  You can also watch this demo video of Kampyle in action here (Youtube).

CrowdSound – Feedback Tool

CrowdSound is similar to Skribit (reviwed above).  It provides a widget which can be embedded into your website to gather feedback effectively.  Visitors can suggests ideas through the widget, others can vote and do more with the feedback.  There are both paid and free plans of CrowdSound available for use.

Feedback Jar – Feedback Tool

Feedback Jar is another feedback tool allowing you to put a feedback tab on your website to get feedback from local businesses like restaurants, cafes, bakeries.  Clicking on the tab opens a little popup which gives you a form through which you can send your ideas/feedback to the website owner.  Feedback Jar is free.

Fivesecondtest – Feedback Tool

Fivesecondtest is a free feedback tool and an innovative online feedback gathering tool.  It allows you to set 2 types of test to users.  The first type of test is the classic test in which users are asked to list out the things they remember after viewing an image.  The second test, the click test, where users are asked to click onto areas of an image which are more captivating.  Tests are super quick to create – just upload an image and use the wizard to generate your test and the website will let users take the test.

Usabilla – Feedback Tool

Usabilla is a similar tool to fivesecondtest (reviewed above) and allows designers to put forward their work for visual feedback.  Usabilla is free for use.

IdeaScale – Feedback Tool

IdeaScale allows you to create a page from which your users can contribute ideas to your current project, discuss about it, vote the product and watch its progress.  IdeaScale has both paid and free plans.  The free plan allows unlimited users/ideas/comments but only one moderator.  You also get blog/Twitter/RSS integration of IdeaScale, along with HTML/Logo customization, coupled with a wiki-style editing of posted ideas.

Feedback Army – Feedback Tool

Feedback Army is a paid feedback solution.  You just submit your work for review and feedback, you make the payment of $10 and you get results -  plain simple.  The feedback is represented in a neat way, where your questions are at the top of the page and the feedback are listed below it, at the page bottom.

Design Critique – Feedback Tool

Design Critique post links to designer’s work and you need to give feedback in 140 characters max,  the Twitter way.

Raed Skaik – Feedback Critique

Raed Skaik is a graphic designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications from The American University of Sharjah, UAE.  He reviews and gives feedback on submitted work, free of charge.  He rate your work according to a star-based system where you can get from one star upto four stars, with more stars awarding better work.  If you get four stars, you also get a letter of approval from Raed.  The process of getting feedback from Raed is very simple.  Just upload your work, wait for 24 hours, maximum and get feedback on the work and the star rating.  Raed accepts work like posters, books, magazines, CD covers / labels, flyers, business cards, portfolios, etc for reviewing and feedback.

Redmark – Feedback Tool

Redmark is a free tool which allows you to collect visual feedback on your works from users.  With Redmark, you just need to upload your design and clients will make visual comments and then you can also get work request from other visitors.

Backboard – Feedback Tool

Backboard is a commercial tool (several plans) which allows you to gather feedback on a work easily.  The users of the product can leave feedback through a textbox presented next to an image of your work and optionally can leave sketches on the images, which you can view later.

ConceptShare – Feedback Tool

ConceptShare is a paid service (with a 14 day free trial) which allows you to setup an online environment, to which you can upload multimedia files representing your work for others to review, leave comments, and give contextual feedback easily.

Launchly – Feedback Tool

If you are launching a new web application startup, make sure you check out Launchly, the free feedback tool!  It allows you to get free feedback on your website and helping you improve your product along the way.

Concept Feedback – Feedback Tool

Concept Feedback is another free feedback tool which allows you to post concepts on their website and easily receive feedback from users there.

Suggestionbox – Feedback Tool

Suggestionbox is a paid service (with 30 day free trial) which allows you to setup, as its name suggests, a Suggestionbox for your users to drop suggestions.  With this tool, you can easily collect feedback from users and use them appropriately for improving your website.

OpenHallway – Feedback Tool

OpenHallway is a commercial tool, with free trial, which allows you to watch how user interact with  your product.  The whole process is done online, so no downloads needed.

Loop11 – Feedback Tool

Loop11 is a web-based tool which allows you to see how users interact with your web apps, thus enabling you to draw conclusions from their acts and improve your product.  You just need to create a set of user tests, invite users and get data immediately after. – Feedback Tool is a free Russian feedback service, similar to Get Satisfaction.  It provides you with a tab to place on your website and enables you to easily gather feedback from users.  The website is in Russian, and might be difficult to use for those who do not understand the language.

Final Word

Finally, let me tell you that users will provide you with great ideas, certainly many which you didn’t think about.  However, remember, you need not implement all the ideas.  Only implement those which you think will really be beneficial to others and not only one user.  If you’ve got any other tool to add to this list or any suggestion or advice, drop a comment!

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