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22 Really Useful Website Analysis Tools

If you’ve always wanted to know your website (or competitor’s) reputation on the web, you’ve come to the right place. Basically the tools reviewed here collect information from many sources and use sophisticated algorithms to give your website a score.  This page reviews 22 such tools which allow you to analyze every aspect of your website’s popularity.


URLTrends – Website Analysis Tool

URLTrends is one of the most comprehensive tool of its sort out on the net.  Just input the website’s address you want to lookup information on and you get indepth data like: site rankings, link popularity, search engine saturation, social popularity, keywords, outgoing links, user demographics, cached versions of the website and more.


Quarkbase – Website Analysis Tool

Quarkbase is one of the most powerful tools of its type.  When you feed a website address to it, you get information like list of competing sites, social popularity, popular pages, popular feeds, traffic estimation, visitors countries, and more.


Website Grader – Website Analysis Tool

Website Grader forms part of the Grader tools network, which provides analytical overviews of different website.  Using Website Grader, you get very useful information like on-page SEO reports, off-page SEO reports, blog reactions to your website, social popularity and more handy information to peruse.  Among the other tools in the Grader Network are: Press Release Grader, Twitter Grader, Action Grader, Facebook Grader, Blog Grader, GobbledyGook Grader, Personality Grader.


AboutThisSite – Website Analysis Tool

AboutThisSite is the first tool in our list.  It gives you information about a site’s pagerank, IP address, owner, server location, approximate traffic, IP neighborhood, etc.


Alexa – Website Analysis Tool

Alexa is probably one of the most well-know website analysis tool on the net.  It gives you an approximation of the amount of traffic the website in question receives, the countries from which your visitors originate, who’s linking to the website, etc.


Sitonomy – Website Analysis Tool

Sitonomy is another interesting tool which allows you to know the various components used in the website.  It gives you information about the advertising networks used on the website, the blogging platform being used, the share widgets being used, other third-party widgets being used, RSS subscription provider, stats tools, server software and more useful information.  It also provides a bookmarklet so that so can easily lookup information on any websites.


BizShark – Website Analysis Tool

BizShark is a very extensive website analysis tool, which provides you with unique information on a particular website.  You can get the amount of unique visitors of the website, the number of social links pointing to the website, and more.  There are also some premium features available for  paid members only.


Quantcast – Website Analysis Tool

Quantcast gives you advanced insights about the traffic to a website.  You get a lot of useful information about the visitors to the website, the audience of the website, etc.


Compete – Website Analysis Tool allows comparison of two or more website.  You can compare traffic stats, get stats about unique visitors, returning visitors, and more.  You can then export the data to Excel for future use.  Compete allows you to compare 3 websites for free, however if you go for the paid version, you can compare up to 5 websites and gain access to more features.


BuiltWith – Website Analysis Tool

BuiltWith gives you an insight of what powers a certain website.  Just enter the URL of the website and you will get information like server information, advertising platforms being used on the website, Javascript libraries being used, widgets being used, blogging platform, website coding framework (ASP, PHP, etc), aggregation functionality, document information and more.


Dataopedia – Website Analysis Tool

Dataopedia is another good website analysis tool which shows you information like traffic estimation, top visitors countries, social popularity and more. – Website Analysis Tool

With, you just need to enter the website URL and you instantly get handy information like its Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, number of Google backlinks, Yahoo backlinks, Live backlinks, Technorati links, bookmarks, Bloglines subscribers, WHOIS and DNS reports.  Additionally, you can also get widgets to show off your website popularity on your blog.


FeedCompare – Website Analysis Tool

FeedCompare is a similar tool to Compete (reviewed above), but this one allows you to compare your feed statistics with other feeds instead of comparing websites.  With FeedCompare, you have access to information like number of suscribers and more.


Xinu Returns – Website Analysis Tool

Xinu Returns is another tool which gives detailed information about a website.  Just enter the website address and you will get data like Google Pagerank, Technorati rank, Alexa rank, DMOZ presence, IP address, social popularity, XHTML CSS and RSS validation, number of indexed pages in Google, Yahoo! and Live, total amount of backlinks from different search engines.


SocialMeter – Website Analysis Tool

SocialMeter is a simple tool which allows you to determine the social popularity of a website.  You can stats from Delicious, Digg, Furl, Google, Reddit, Sphere, Spurl, Technorati and Yahoo! My Web.


URLMetrix – Website Analysis Tool

URLMetrix is a very simple tool.  You can get information like Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, Compete rank, Quantcast rank, Technorati rank, number of pages indexed in Google and Yahoo!, number of bookmarks at Digg, Delicious, Diigo, Twitter, FriendFeed, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Wikipedia, DMOZ, Google Blog Search links, Technorati Blog Reactions and Google Trends.


SocialScan – Website Analysis Tool

SocialScan is similar to URLMetrix (above) in use.  Just enter the website’s address and you instantly get the number of bookmarks from Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Yahoo! MyWeb, Technorati, Shadows, Bloglines, Simpy, Blinklist, Diigo, Furl.


SEOMeter – Website Analysis Tool

SEOMeter allows you to compare upto 3 websites for gaining information on their Google crawl rates and cycles.  You can then place the generated information on your website by getting a widget for it.


LinkedHot – Website Analysis Tool

LinkedHot allows you to get instant information about a website on its social popularity.  It gathers information from websites like Google, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Yahoo! My Web, Yahoo!, Shadows, Bloglines, Furl, Technorati, Diigo.


SiteYogi – Website Analysis Tool

SiteYogi provides you with data like Google backlinks, Yahoo backlinks, Live backlinks, Technorati links, bookmarks, Bloglines subscribers, WHOIS and DNS reports for the website URL you enter.



SiteVolume – Website Analysis Tool

SiteVolume is a very intuitive tool for website analysis.  Just enter some keyword in the input boxes, it will search through either Digg, MySpace, Youtube, Flickr and Twitter for the popularity of those words and represent the number of times they are found on a graph.



HowSociable?  – Website Analysis Tool

HowSociable? is another innovative tool which allows you to track your brand visibility across different social media platforms and websites alike.  Just enter your brand name and you will get a report, gathering data from Technorati blogs, Google Blog Posts, Facebook Groups, Ning Pages, Twitter Pages, Upcoming Events, Facebook Events, Flickr Photos, Photobucket Photos, Google Images, Facebook Applications, Bebo Pages, MySpace Pages, Vimeo Videos, Youtube Videos, Facebook Pages, Youtube Channels, Delicious Bookmarks, Magnolia Pages, Yahoo! Pages, Google Pages and LinkedIn Pages.  You can also get month updates of your visibility score by providing them with you email address for them to deliver it.


If you’ve got something to add to the list, or simply want to comment on anything, feel free to drop a comment below!

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