Friday, July 17, 2009

15 Web-Based Instant Messengers For Chatting On The Move

If you are away from your personal computer, you might not have your favorite desktop IM with you to chat with your contacts.  However, there are web-based messengers these days and they come nearly as powerful as your desktop messenger and allow you to connect to your chat network easily on any computer with an Internet connection.  Most of the web-based IMs are multi-protocol applications, allowing you to connect to different networks.  Web-Based Instant Messengers have some advantages over the desktop based one:

  • No Downloads Required
  • Access From Anywhere With Any Supported  Browser With An Internet Connection
  • No Upgrade Worries
  • Stores Your Settings Across Computers
  • No Need To Have Administrative Rights To Run


Meebo – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Meebo is perhaps the most popular online messenger, loaded with tons of features.  Meebo is a multi-protocol client, supporting the MSN, Yahoo!, Myspace, AIM, Facebook, Gtalk, Icq, Myyearbook and Jabber networks.  You can sign on to individual accounts or simply create a universal Meebo account and access all your chat networks at once.  Meebo also allows mobile access to the service, has a desktop notifier for you IM accounts, a Firefox extension to integrate Meebo into Firefox and more services.


Ebuddy – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Ebuddy is similar to Meebo in functionality.  It allows its users to connect to multiple chat networks including MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ and Myspace.  It also allows you to create a universal ebuddy account to access multiple chat networks at once.  It also has a mobile version its web messenger.


Radius IM – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Radius IM is a multi-protocol online messenger which allows you to connect to networks like MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and Gtalk.  You need to create a universal Radius IM account to be able to access the service. – Web-Based Instant Messenger is a web-based service allowing its users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols.  It supports several protocols like MSN, Yahoo!, AIM/ICQ, MySpace, Gtalk and Skype.  You can sign in any individual account using your username/password combination.


WeBuzz.IM – Web-Based Instant Messenger

WeBuzz.IM is a multi-protocol web messenger which support the Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or AIM.  It works in all major browsers and is free.


Kool IM – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Kool IM is another web messenger which supports the AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu and Xfire networks.  You can sign into individual accounts or simply create a universal Kool IM account to automatically sign into multiple accounts simultaneously.  Kool IM also provides a Firefox extension which allows you to open up the chat client in your Firefox sidebar.


ILoveIM – Web-Based Instant Messenger

ILoveIM is an online messenger allowing you to connect to the MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MySpace networks.  ILoveIM does not provide a universal account for acessing multiple accounts at once, however you can sign into individual accounts easily.



EasyMessenger – Web-Based Instant Messenger

EasyMessenger allows access to multiple networks like MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber.  You need to create your universal account to be able to use this service and access your network.


Juslol – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Juslol is another web messenger allowing you to connect to Yahoo!, Gtalk, MSN, AIM, and ICQ.  If you have a or or account, you can use the same to log into Juslol, else you will need to create an account to access this service.


Communication Tube – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Communication Tube is a multi-protocol chat client allows you to access ICQ, GTalk, MSN Messenger and IRC networks.  You can sign into individual accounts easily using Communication Tube.


MSN WebMessenger – Web-Based Instant Messenger

Contrary to what' its name might imply, MSN WebMessenger is not only an MSN messenger, but also supports the AIM and Yahoo! networks.  You need to sign into individual account, as there are no universal account from this service.



MessengerFX – Web-Based Instant Messenger

MessengerFX is an online messenger allowing you to gain access to the MSN network only.  It is available in several languages, among which is English, French, etc.


MSN2Go – Web-Based Instant Messenger

MSN2Go is another online web messenger which allows you to chat on MSN using its JAVA application.  You therefore need to have JAVA install for your browser.


Gtalk – Web-Based Instant Messenger

This is the original Gtalk web client from Google itself.  It allows you to easily chat on the Gtalk either in typing or voice chat mode.



AIM Express – Web-Based Instant Messenger

AIM Express allows you to chat on the AIM network quickly and easily, with no downloads required.  It also has an option of sending SMS to mobile phones in supported countries.

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