Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Picks Of Free Steganography Encryption Software

Steganography Encryption Software is a specially clever type of software, which does not use conventional methods to encrypt data. Instead, it uses other files to hide your primary data in them. Those third-party files can be bitmap images, sound tracks, HTML documents and more. Using this way, it is impossible for anyone to notice what the scapegoat file contains and only the recipient will know its true purpose.

4t HIT Mail Privacy Lite

This software hides your email text in an image format of your choice. It supports a host of image formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP and more.

BitCrypt Free

This software allows you to place your data inside bitmap images. It does so by altering the image, without any human-eye visible clue, and encrypts the data in it.


Another free steganography software. It allows your to hide your data from others by hiding it inside another file.


This software is another ones which encrypts data within pictures and the pictures must be of the JPEG and PNM formats.S-Tools

This software allows you to perform a compressing and encryption of the data you want to apply steganography on. It supports the image file formats of Bitmap and GIF, while also having suppport for WAV sound files. It gives you the choice of encryption algorithms like: AES, Blowfish, etc. It also has excellent drag and drop features as a Windows software. Recommended!


This software is able to use several types of files to perform steganography on them. Aong the supported formats are PDF files, bitmap images, text files and HTML files.

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