Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Free Business And Office Software

Office and Business software are aimed to improve productivity at business. However, they can also be used at home. Below is a list of such FREE software.

Downloadable Software

Open Office

The direct competitor of Microsoft Office. This office suite is one of the best available around and comes free of charge and moreover it is open source. It has the word processor and the spreadsheet and other tools. Total size of the package is about 50 MB and it is usable on different platforms, namely: Linux, Windows, Solaris and Max OS X. Recommended!

Open Office Portable

The same as above, except that this one can run directly from your pen drive or any other USB disk without the need to setup it up on the host computer.

Siag Office

Free Office suite for Unix, and has all the basic features.


Ideally suited for Linux distros running KDE (the desktop environment), provides the user with many software and KWord and others.

Neo Office

Open Office derivative for Mac OS X and comprises nearly the same features as the latter.

Web-Based Software

Ajax13 - Free Business/Office Software

An office suite which runs in the Firefox browser and which includes the regular word processor, the spreadsheet, the presentation package and other stuffs. It is also a web-based desktop. Recommended.


Same thing as above, except that it is more integrated with the web, and enables web mail, agenda and notices.

EditGrid - Free Business/Office Software

An online spreadsheet software which has all the features of the local computer one.

Google Docs - Free Business/Office Software

Free online word processor and spreadsheet from Google, and has many in-built features such as online save, export to different formats and more. Highly Recommended!

ThinkFree - Free Business/Office Software

Free online office suite, like the others.

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