Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Music/Media Players

This page has a list of al music/media players which are availble free on the Internet. These sotware allow you to playback your music files, which can be in a variety of formats and allows you to manage the files through their files manager (if preent). Some of these software allow you to skin their interface to match your needs and you can even add plugins to enhance your music listening exprerience. See the musc players for yourself, they rock!!!

Foobar2000 - Free Music/Media Player

This audio player was made by one of the creators of Winamp. Foobar2000 does not boast a higly aesthetic user interface by default. You need to add plugins to modify the interface. However, its usability and customization levels are extremely high and you can play a really wide variety of music formats. Foobar2000 also has plugins which you can add. Once added, you can configure them through your main option window. Earlier versions (the last version to work was 0.8) of foobar worked on Windows 98, ME. However, newer versions only work on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.

iTunes - Free Music/Media Player

This software is the popular music player for MAC and Windows operating systems. It can also stream audio from the internet.

MP3Strip - Free Music/Media Player

This is a simple MP3 player for the MAC operating system with very nice features.

SAP - Free Music/Media Player

This software allows you to stream audio files over the Internet and listed to them.

Soritong - Free Music/Media Player

This is another digital music player, which plays a variety of music formats and can be skinned.

UltraPlayer - Free Music/Media Player

This is a free media player. It can play both audio and video files. UltraPlayer can stream video and audio files from the internet. This software is free and runs on Windows.

Winamp - Free Music/Media Player

Probably the most know digital audio player in the world. Winamp plays several audio formats and video formats out of the box. Those who are not supported can be added through plugins. You can easily skin the Winamp interface. There is a built-in files manager for you. Winamp has many othet cool features which you might want to check out at their webpage. (Recommended!)

XMMS - Free Music/Media Player

This music player is the Linux clone of Winamp. It allows you to playback music as do other things which are present in Winamp itself.

XMPlay - Free Music/Media Player

This software plays many types of audio files. You can playback the music and enhance it with the built-in equalizer. It can even use Winamp's plugins to ehance usability. The libraries which XMPlay use are availble free of charge to be used on other projects. This software runs on Windows.

YAMP - Free Music/Media Player

An audio player which can play many types of audio files and audio cd. It runs on Windows.

Zinf Player - Free Music/Media Player

Zinf player is a free and open-source music player which allows you to play your music without any fuss. It has a skinnable interface and plays several formats of music. Zinf is equipped with a 10 band graphic equalizer and you can add plugins to it. It even has a file manager to manage your music. This software is free and works under Windows.

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