Monday, June 22, 2009

Adsense Enables Customized Font Size For Ads Units

Adsense released a new option for Adsense users yesterday - custom font sizing for ads units. You can now choose between three font sizes for your ads unit:

small, medium and large. When this feature was not yet introduced, the default font size for the ads were small.

According to experiments conducted by Google, the medium font size performs better. You can change the font size of existing ads unit by going to the "My Account" tab in your adsense account, then navigate to "Account Setting" and you will see an option on the page where you will be able to choose you font size.

The Adsense team, however, will change the font size of all ads in their network from small to medium on all accounts.

Here's another Google News. If you are using Google Webmaster Central and have requested reconsideration for you website penalties inflicted by Google, then you might be happy to know that Google now will notify you if they have processed your request by delivering a message either on your Google Webmaster Central's dashboard or by email, so that you don't sit around wondering if they ever considered you request in first place.

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