Monday, June 22, 2009

20+ Twitter Clients You Can Choose From

Twitter allows you to send and receive tweets from their web-based interface at  However, if you cannot afford to check the website every now and then for new tweets, it might be time for you to choose a Twitter client which will do the job.  Below, we’ve selected more than 20 application, which gives you access to the Twitter service without accessing  If you have a Twitter account, follow me too!

TweetDeck – Twitter Client

TweetDeck is a very good Twitter client which works on Windows, Mac and other platforms.  It not only supports the Twitter platform, but it also has built-in support for Facebook.  TweetDeck allows you to expand short URLs, manage multiple Twitter/Facebook accounts, keeps you TweetDeck synced and backup safely, built-in spam filter, image thumbnail preview and more.

Seesmic Desktop – Twitter Client

Seesmic Desktop is another feature-packed Twitter client which allows you to manage both Twitter and Facebook accounts from one same application.  Seesmic Desktop is built upon Adobe Air, supports multiple accounts and has built-in picture support.  Seesmic Desktop makes it easy to listen and reply to tweets, share and organize your files.  You can watch a video preview of Seesmic Desktop here.

twhirl – Twitter Client

twhirl is a Twitter desktop client built upon Adobe Air.  It runs on both Windows (2000 and up) and on Mac OSX.  With twhirl, you can manage multiple Twitter,, Friendfeed and Seesmic accounts simultaneously.  twhirl displays popup notifications for your new tweets, shorten your URLs using,, snurl, twurl or URL shortening services.  twhirl also has account cross-posting abilities, tweet search, built-in spellchecking and more goodies under the hood.

DestroyTwitter – Twitter Client

DestroyTwitter is another Adobe Air based Twitter client which allows you to send/receive tweets.  However, according to the makers of DestroyTwitter, this Adobe Air application if far more light on resources than its alternatives.  DestroyTwitter provides notification for new tweets and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Birdfeed - Twitter Client 

The first thing I noted about Birdfeed is that it has a very clean, slick user interface.  Birdfeed also has local caching.  It remembers you timeline when you are offline and catches up when you get back online.  With Birdfeed, reply to tweets goes SMS style.  It treats tweets as SMS and allows you to reply to them easily.  You also get notifications of unread tweets and more.

 feedalizer – Twitter Client

feedalizer is another Adobe Air based application which allows you to view/reply tweets.  It also enables you to other services like friendfeed, Flickr, jaiku and Facebook.  feedalizer has inbuilt filters which allows you to view specific users’ tweets.  You can also follow Twitter trends using feedalizer.

Nambu – Twitter Client

Nambu is a Twitter client available for Mac OSX and the iPhone.  With Nambu you can have multiple accounts which you can manage all at once, Twitter groups, real-time Twitter search, URL shortening and more very useful features.

Twitterific – Twitter Client

Twitterific is a commercial Twitter client for Mac OSX 10.4 or later.  Twitterific allows you to easily read and reply to your tweets.  Twitterific has a clean user interface, supports multiple Twitter accounts, ability to check for new tweets at regular intervals, notification for new tweets and more.

TwitterFox – Twitter Client

TwitterFox is a Mozilla Firefox extension which notifies you of your new tweets.  The extension adds a very simple tiny icons to the Firefox status bar.  It notifies you when your friends update their tweets and also allows you to tweet from Firefox using a small input field, which it provides for you.  Works on any platform supporting the Firefox browser.

HootSuite – Twitter Client

HootSuite is a web-based Twitter client aiming to be the ultimate Twitter tool.  With HootSuite you can manage multiple twitter accounts, profiles, pre-schedule tweets and more.  The web interface is very intuitive and it provides easy access to all you profiles.  You can even give access to those Twitter accounts to other users.  HootSuite also has the nice feature of providing stats for links shortened with their own URL shortener

CoTweet – Twitter Client

CoTweet is similar to HootSuite in many ways.  it allows you to manage multiple accounts , give access to those accounts to other users, provides stats for you links, etc.  If you want a comparison between the two most powerful web-based Twitter clients HootSuite and CoTweet, head over to CNET’s review of both of them here.

PeopleBrowser – Twitter Client

People Browser is a web-based Twitter client which allows you to manage your Twitter account in a much improved user interface than that of the default web-based Twitter service.  With PeopleBrowser you can read tweets, reply to them,  manage threaded replies and more.

Twitthat - Twitter Client

Twitthat is a simple web interface to Twitter which allows you to view public tweets.  It also provides a useful bookmarlet so that you can tweet to Twitthat for your tweet to appear in their public tweet stream.

Power Twitter - Twitter Client

Power Twitter is a Firefox add-on which transforms the Twitter homepage in something more intuitive, loaded with much better options.  It provides tweet search capabilities, Facebook status updates, auto URL expansion, inline YouTube, Flickr, etc.  Check out the screenshot below to see how your Twitter homepage becomes after installing Power Twitter in Firefox.

Mobile Twitter Clients

TwitterFon – Mobile Twitter Client

TwitterFon is an iPhone/iTouch client which allows you to manage your Twitter account from these devices.  TwitterFon comes in two version:  the free and the commercial Pro version.  The TwitterFon Pro version, which comes at $4.99 from AppStore has multiple account management facilities.  With the free version of TwitterFon you can follow Twitter trends, tweet, reply friends and more.

SocialScope - Mobile Twitter Client

SocialScope is a web-based mobile Twitter client, which at the time of writing of this article was in private beta, which allows you to manage your Twitter account from their website easily.  SocialScope has the ability to manage both Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts.  You can insert URLs, pictures and have your messages spellchecked.  SocialScope promises to be a great Twitter and Facebook client for mobile phone users.

Followize - Mobile Twitter Client

Followize is a stripped down page, specially design for mobile phones to that you can manage your Twitter account easily from a portable device.  It provides all the features a the official Twitter website provides, except that this one is optimized for mobile phones.

atebits Tweetie - Twitter Client

atebits Tweetie is an iPhone/iTouch app which allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, view/reply to Tweets, browse friends and followers, upload pictures to, update your Twitter location and more.  A Mac version is also available for a fee.

Gravity - Mobile Twitter Client

Gravity is a commercial Twitter client for the Nokia S60 mobile platform.  It can handle multiple Twitter accounts, has built-in Twitter search, posting of images via TwitPic/MobyPictures, and more.

TwitterBerry - Mobile Twitter Client

TwitterBerry is a Blackberry application which allow you to update your Twitter status from a Blackberry mobile.  You need a BlackBerry OS 4.1.0+ (BlackBerry OS 4.2+ for TwitPic support) for it to work.

dabr - Mobile Twitter Client

dabr is a web-based Twitter client, especially designed for mobile phones.  It has a slick, stripped user interface and allows you to manage your Twitter account easily.  dabr has supports for and some other nice features to go with.

Twittelator Pro - Mobile Twitter Client

Twittelator Pro is a commercial Twitter client for iPhone.  Twittelator Pro allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, create groups of persons, view/reply tweets, insert images and do loads more!  Check out their website for more features, the list is simply too long.

slandr - Mobile Twitter Client

slandr mobile is a web interface to Twitter, which has been specially design for Twitter to be used on mobile devices.   It provides all the features from the official Twitter website for you on your mobile phone.

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